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Indonesian Theme Park Ordered To Take Down Lights That Violate Chris Burden Copyright
The theme park had recreated Burden’s collection of street lamps that he made for the front of the LA County Museum in Los Angeles. “The court has ordered Rabbit Town to take down its Love Light installation within 30 working days since the verdict.” – Coconuts

These $63 Million Paintings, Literally Kidnapped And Held For Ransom, Are Now The Subject Of A Billion-Dollar Lawsuit
The Shchukin Gallery, which sells Russian art in Paris and New York, is suing a Russian oligarch for damages and attorney fees of $950 million — in what might or might not be the culmination of an unusually tangled legal battle over three paintings by Kazimir Malevich and two by Natalia Goncharova that were, as […]

Amsterdam Branch Of The Hermitage In Danger Of Closing Permanently
“After laying off 25% of its full-time staff, including those who had been there since opening day,” the only Western European satellite of the St. Petersburg institution “finally reached the bottom of its reserves last month. Because the Hermitage [Amsterdam] is a private institution ineligible for [Dutch] government aid, it is now calling for one […]

Workers Discover Two Hidden Frescoes In The Uffizi
According to the museum, an unknown person “protected” the Cosimo II artwork before it was plastered over. “Maybe this unknown savior wanted it to be preserved for the future generations,” the spokesperson said. “Obviously our researchers are already trying to figure out the story behind this.” – Artnet

Is This Guy Really At The Center Of The Century’s Greatest Art-Forgery Scandal?
Over the past seven years, “this scandal — now known as ‘the Ruffini affair’ — has engulfed figures ranging from curators at the Louvre to leading auction-house executives. It has also given rise to an endless litany of conflicting and sometimes changing opinions, both technical and connoisseurial. … Now, he has decided to tell his […]

In Venice, Building A New System To Protect St. Mark’s From Ever-Increasing Floods
The repeated, record-setting acqua alta events of late 2019 caused an estimated €300 million in damage to the Byzantine-style landmark — and floods are expected to get more frequent and severe as sea level rises. What’s more, the long-delayed MOSE floodgates in the Venice lagoon aren’t enough to protect St. Mark’s, which lies at one […]

Fired Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Director Lands New Job In Paris
Last July, after a tenure that had been widely viewed (at least from outside) as a major success, Nathalie Bondil was dismissed from the Montreal museum amid allegations that she created a “toxic” work environment. Now she’s returning to France to become director of exhibitions and collections at the Institut du Monde Arabe. – ARTnews

I was A “Minority Intern” In The 1990s. We Need To Talk About These Programs
“Without long insights into the early diversity programs, our profession cannot address the structural inequities that perpetuate the need for entry-level opportunities targeted for non-white individuals. Museums must acknowledge the stigmatizing, tokenizing, and economic effects of these programs, in addition to the opportunities they offer.” – Hyperallergic

Maine’s Attorney General Says Arts Robert Indiana’s Estate Overpaid Lawyers By Millions
The litigation after the artist’s death in 2018 has been extensive, but perhaps the fees were quite a bit more extensive than they should have been. “The attorney general’s office filed papers in Knox County Probate Court this week demanding that the executor of Indiana’s estate, James W. Brannan, a Maine lawyer, put back into […]

Eight Smithsonian Museums Are Getting Ready To Reopen
All of the eight reopened briefly in 2020, between July and October. Coronavirus surges in November closed them again. But many others in the Smithsonian portfolio have remained closed since March of 2020, and the schedule for those isn’t yet clear. – The New York Times

Art Peaked 30,000 Years Ago
Or so some believe. “The more you look at images from the walls of Lascaux and Chauvet, the more you realise art really has invented nothing since those days at the end of the ice age. It is hard to take in how comprehensively these ancient artists anticipated the future. It takes time to fully […]

‘Damn! This Is A Caravaggio! Where The Hell Did You Find It?’ (The Inside Story)
“It took all of six minutes for Massimo Pulini to realise that the small oil painting due to go under the hammer in Madrid earlier this month with a guide price of €1,500 ($1,800) could be worth millions. … Within two weeks, Spain’s culture ministry [acted] to impose an export ban. The painting was pulled […]

Researchers Use AI To Analyze Dead Sea Scrolls
For their study, the researches utilized artificial intelligence technology to examine the writing on the scrolls, comparing the look of certain letters and analyzing patterns that appear in the ink. The study did not offer details on the identities of the two possible authors of these texts. – ARTnews

Ten Trends In Architecture To Combat Climate Change
From reducing waste and maximising urban greenery to collaboration and lobbying for change, solutions to reduce pressure on the planet are now taking centre stage. – Dezeen

The Mighty Battle Of The Getty Museum Versus The Webbing Clothes Moth
It seems that, in many places, a multitude of vermin took advantage of the lack of traffic in museums during the pandemic to stage an invasion and, potentially, a delicious banquet. (Mmmm, priceless historic textiles!) A sharp-eyed conservator at the Getty in L.A. noticed an increase in noxious lepidopterae last April, early on — and […]

Jerry And Kenny’s Excellent NFT Adventure
Jerry Saltz and Kenny Schachter team up to “test” the NFT market. “To be clear, NFTism doesn’t necessarily disrupt anything but rather presents a market alternative to the traditional gallery system. In the process, it ushered in a unexpected audience of crypto collectors, empowered a whole new generation of artists with easy access to that […]

The New Whitest-Ever White Paint Could Potentially Replace Air Conditioning
The paint, developed at Purdue University’s mechanical engineering department, reflects 98.1 percent of the sun’s rays, while the strongest heat-resistant white paints currently on the market reflect 80 to 90 percent. The new pigment’s superpower is that, by absorbing so little infrared heat, it actually cools the material it’s covering below the ambient temperature. (So […]

Researchers Figure Out Why Some Picassos Have Deteriorated More Quickly Than Others
“The study centred on four paintings inspired by the Ballets Russes, the Russian impresario Sergei Diaghilev’s itinerant dance troupe, which Picasso produced in no more than a few months while working at a friend’s studio in Barcelona in 1917.” – The Art Newspaper

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Colorfest 2013 Art Festival
Colorfest 2013, Art and Taste of Appalachia, will be held on first Saturday in October in Dillsboro, NC.

Heritage Arts Festival
Monroeville, Alabama: The historic downtown square is transformed into a wonderland of crafts, quilts, woodworking, soul food and art. A fashion show, gospel music, and ethnic dance performances also featured.

Hyde Park Village Art Festival
Hyde Park Village Art Festival on last Saturday in October at Hyde Park Village,Tampa. Over 150 artists will display in a variety of mediums such as pottery, paintings, jewelry, ceramics and more. 75,000 attendees expected. As a leading cultural event on Tampa's Harbour Island Art Fest in Downtown.

Art Show in Dahlonega
Annual Mountain Flower Art & Wine Festival on third Saturday & Sunday, in May.

Veterans Creative Arts Festival
The competition includes 53 categories in the visual arts division this year that range from oil ...

Wild Chicken Festival
An annual festival celebrates these unique residents: The Wild Chicken Festival, held in the downtown historic district of Fitzgerald. Back in the 1960's, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stocked Burmese chickens all over the state as an additional game bird to be hunted like pheasant or quail. Exotic and beautiful, Burmese chickens are also more athletic than your average chicken. Whether loved or hated, Burmese chickens are a familiar part of the Fitzgerald scene. They wake you up in the morning, create minor traffic problems, and, some claim, even keep the bugs away.

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